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10 Funny Tweets That Are Too Accurate About Office Culture

Get a job they said, it’ll be fun they said. I think anyone who works in an office or has a job can understand this. The nuances that come with the job: having to converse with your coworkers; writing your name on your food or else someone will eat it; responding politely and professionally to emails. Friday night could not come sooner. Today might not be Friday, but here are some tweets to perk up your Wednesday and get you through the week.

  1. When your coworker sparks a conversation.
Perhaps less is more? You think as you’ve been listening to the same person go on and on for five minutes.

  1. What it means to share an office building with other companies.
You booked that meeting room days in advance and now feel awkward having to shuffle people out to get your meeting space. The nerve of them not checking the meeting room log.

  1. How to be sassy and professional at the same time.
How do I professionally and courteously say I don’t like you?

  1. When your boss asks about your internet presence.
“Oh I don’t use social media, I believe in person to person interactions” you say as you hide the existence of your social media, which also happens to be on private for this very reason.

  1. Convincing your coworkers to take their lunch early.
There is something about being alone in an office. The whole room of office supplies and computers buzzing and you. Just you.

  1. When you have fun with your coworkers.
You only know them on Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm. Yet you know exactly who your work best friend is and you thank them everyday for also being there with you. Otherwise who knows how much longer the work week could get.

  1. How to professionally sign emails.
They don’t teach you how to professionally sign emails in school. Do I use “sincerely” or “yours” or just a single dash followed by my name to be special?

  1. When anybody asks for a second of your time while on the clock.
On one hand, talking to your coworkers makes the time go by faster. On the other hand, your work is piling up and time is precious. Besides it’s nice to actually talk to people rather than emailing them, even though they’re only 5 feet away from you.

  1. Coming to work on time and leaving on time.
“Time is just a concept” you sarcastically say to yourself as you come into work at 9 am sharp everyday to follow rules and protocol.

  1. Sharing common spaces, like the break room and the refrigerator.
Your favorite thing is when someone makes food and now the whole room smells like their lunch. Your lunch time is so short and now it’s filled with the scent of someone’s chicken penne from last night.

We hope you enjoyed these tweets and that it brightened your Wednesday a little bit!

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