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Benefits of Inhouse and Outsourced Recruiting

Is it time to reach out?

When is it time to contact the experts?

There are times when it’s better to use internal resources and other times when you need to go outside your company to seek help. For example, most company’s use internal and external accounts for legal support. Similarly, recruitment support can be chosen in the same way depending on the role that needs to be filled.

What are the benefits of in-house recruiters?

  • Time- When you have the luxury of taking the time to wait for the right candidate to come along. Let’s face it, most companies in America are small – less than 1% of companies in the US have over 500 employees and therefore a large enough recruitment department to support their hiring needs. That means the majority of companies have either no recruitment support or a HR person who has to double up as the recruitment function for the company. When you have a busy HR person, with people knocking on the door all day long they usually can’t be hyper focused on the recruitment efforts. So, recruitment can take a lot longer!
  • You have your own team- Some companies actually have a large enough team of recruiters to take on the workload, and many of those recruiters have come over from “the other side” of outsourced or third-party recruitment. An in-house team will have direct contact with the HR manager and will understand your company’s needs.
  • Cost- When you can’t make the numbers work! Assuming that you have fully analyzed the cost of using your internal team or HR person, you can’t justify the fees involved.

What are the benefits of Outsourced recruitment?
  • Time – When you don’t have the luxury of waiting for that right candidate to apply. We are often called by a new client when they are up against a deadline and all other methods have failed. Many times, we’ve been called and asked to find that “purple squirrel” who needs to be hired within a week. Sometimes, we just happen to have recently been in contact with that “purple squirrel” and can convert on your special needs quickly. We realize that our business model has to be very agile and extremely responsive. That means when you call us, we have to find that elusive person very quickly and earn our fee.
  • Expertise – Many professional employment agencies have realized they have to work in a niche in order to survive. That means they are cultivating relationships on a continuous basis – building up that pool of talent for those times when you call and give extremely short deadlines. We know the marketplace, companies and people to reach out to. We know who’s laying people off – or pushing them out of the door. That domain expertise helps us find the right people more quickly than an internal team of recruiters.
  • Cost – We focus on saving you time and money. We give back time to your HR team and internal hiring managers so they can get back to work on important tasks and don’t incur “lost opportunity costs”. We should be giving you 2 or 3 selected candidates and making your hiring choice difficult by not knowing which high-quality candidate to pick!
  • Guarantees - When we are dealing with the most unpredictable of products – Human Beings - things can sometimes go wrong. If, for some reason we place someone with you that does not work out, we support that introduction with a guarantee to replace or refund your money. That can’t happen when you advertise or use your internal team – you would just have to start all over again and continue incurring costs!

The relationship is seamless

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list but does give an idea of some of the justifications you need to choose an external recruiting team. ERE has an excellent article on How and When to outsource recruitment. Once you have formed a successful relationship with an external recruiter, it should be second nature to include them in all of your hiring needs. Next time you need immediate help, consider turning to the staffing experts.

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