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How to Overcome Hiring Challenges in 2019

The hiring market in 2019 is stronger than ever - and that brings a wealth of challenges for employers trying to hire the right staff! In March 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 3.8% unemployment rate. It is one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States in about fifty years. Competition for qualified candidates with relevant skills is at an all-time high! Especially with smaller companies, as one of the biggest challenges is competing for talent. Many employers are finding it difficult to find candidates that have relevant skills. If they do find the right candidates it’s almost certain they are in a race to hire that person before they receive multiple job offers. Offering a high salary does not always mean the employee will stay with the job. Similar to matchmaking, the employee and company must fit together. Many companies find their hiring goal is to find someone who truly wants to work the specific job offered at their company. Someone who won’t later quit due to feeling drained by not fitting in with the existing culture. It requires a large amount of effort and time to find truly qualified candidates with relevant skills who may fit in with the current company culture. Many recruiters will look over an average of 10000 resumes while only making about 3 hires. The longer it takes, the more money it costs a company to fill the position. Not to mention if a bad hire is made, that is more money and time wasted.

With these new hiring obstacles, here are some solutions.


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With each passing year, more Millennials and Gen Z are becoming the bulk of the workforce. By improving your company brand, you can appeal to the incoming generations. Millennials and Gen Z have become dependent on the internet. If your company doesn’t have an online presence, there is a good chance these generations will never find you. Upcoming generations use the internet in their everyday lives, from googling locations to checking employer ratings. The internet has become a necessity.

Utilizing both professional and non-professional social media apps can boost your brand and image. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others can help display your attractive company culture through a multitude of ways. Social media allows you to communicate with your audience and consumers on an everyday basis. Essentially social media is a free PR promotional tool. Improving your company brand will promote your company culture at the same time. Consider offering benefits outside of salaries to create a happy and productive environment for your employees. Benefits may range from fun to helpful benefits, such as offering free gym membership or tuition reimbursement. Company brand should be focused on in 2019 to make you stand out as an employer.


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Beyond improving company brand, attempting an outside of the box idea to recruit employees is pertinent. Such as going on portfolio websites or similar websites, where candidates have the ability to display their skills and knowledge through personal projects. For example with software engineers, looking at Github will give you a good idea of their coding skills. It will provide you a good idea of the candidate’s skills and a platform to reach out if you feel that the candidate is a fit. Skill based recruitment will also remove many existing search biases such as looking for a specific type of graduate. Hiring prejudices limit the pool of quality candidates and can lead to missing out on high performing individuals. Establishing in-person approaches is an excellent way to expand your search efforts. Organizing meet-ups related to the job you’re looking to fill can help you find a qualified candidates and establish a good relationship with them. Not only that, in person approaches can broaden your network. For example, hackathons are collaborations where professionals from the technical industry come together and work on challenges. The final solution is to know when to outsource your hiring.

After putting in so much effort into hiring and different solutions are not working for you, refer to a staffing firm. More specifically a specialized staffing firm that understands the industry for your job opening. Staffing firms are dedicated to doing the grueling recruiting work that you do not have time for. For example, Engenium Staffing specializes in the simulation industry and can staff a variety of professional, engineering, and technical roles in that field. Knowing when to outsource can save you time and money while getting you faster results. Hiring in 2019 can be challenging, be sure to use these tips to give yourself a leg up above the competition.

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