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How We Can Help Your Client

How we help you help your client!

Most of us have someone to answer to. For a recruitment company that can be fairly obvious. It’s typically our regular contact, be that the HR Manager or an internal Hiring Manager. We take it personally if we aren’t able to turn around a Search assignment in the agreed time frame and feel as though we are letting our clients down. What’s less obvious is that we are in turn letting your client down.

We know you have to answer to someone!

We all have to answer to someone – even if you are the President of your own company OR the country, we have to be accountable. For most of us that means either an internal customer e.g. Human Resources has to tell their internal contact what is happening with their requisition or it’s an external client, you know the ones that pay for all of your products. Either way we realize that if we don’t hit the timelines we agree upon or the candidates we send don’t match your requirement you may have a difficult conversation.

We don’t want to let you down.

Because we are acutely aware that you have your own clients we go above and beyond to make you look good – that you have everything under control.

You can commit to helping your client!

Once we have established a mutual understanding of your needs we can begin to develop trust and credibility. We do that by meeting your deadlines and the standards you want. That in turn gives you the confidence to meet your client orders – knowing we are there for either surge requirements and an increase in temporary support or that we can find those unique skill sets that allow you to hire someone for the long term.

So, remember that we know you have a client relying on you, just as much as you can rely upon us.

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