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Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing: May 2019

Last month on Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing, or KUWES, readers got to hear about lessons learned and see how Engenium Staffing was growing. This month of KUWES, readers will get to hear about some of our new cool clients, the WATS conference, and more!

As with every month, we have been very busy with clients and candidates. This month, we got to work with clients who specialize in really advanced and interesting technology. One of our clients uses drones as a means to survey areas and measure infrastructure. For example, they are able to send drones to take pictures of power transmission grids and measure utility infrastructure. They provide visual data of the highest quality, which helps with farming, emergency responses, and more! It is incredibly useful and helpful in today’s world, as it can help prevent emergencies such as hurricanes. Overall, it is another example of the really interesting technology we get to learn about. In our industry, it is always a neat experience to work with new clients and see how they use developing technology. Not to mention, we managed to find them a senior Engineer in less than 28 days, whom they had been looking for over a year! It feels great to help clients find key members of staff that help them grow and conversely help our candidates move on to greater opportunities in their career!

We visited the 23rd World Aviation Training Summit in Orlando! They don’t call Orlando the simulation capital of the world for nothing. We got to see how simulation technology can be used for all different types of pilot training. The overall themes we took away from WATS were the usage of VR in training and the continued need for ways to recruit and train pilots. Not to mention, there were a lot of well-regarded speakers who got to talk about simulation in the aviation industry. We love hearing about this as a company that works in that industry. We can’t wait to attend WATS 2020 and see where simulation is flying to next!


As mentioned previously, this month was incredibly busy as we worked to match clients and candidates. We always provide the best results and experiences for those who work with us. One of our recent placements, Joseph C. had this to say about his experience with one of the recruiters here at Engenium:

“He's been nothing but a joy to work with from start to finish. Courteous, polite, knowledgeable, and considerate; he gave lots of helpful tips on the hiring process to land the job. He works quickly too, which helps with the problem in the previous question, he got me 2 interviews within the day after our initial conversation and me sending him my resume. Not only that, but he's also a wizard when it comes to negotiating terms with potential employers. All in all his was one of the best experiences I've had with a recruiter … The knowledge I got from Charles for being the best candidate I can be, and my new newfound job of course."
-Joseph C.

Summer is approaching and Engenium Staffing is ready to take it on! Next month on KUWES, Engenium Staffing will give pro tips on how to beat the heat and how to beat your competitors. Tune in next month see what challenges June will bring us!

Image courtesy of WATS.

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