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Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing: April 2019

This month on Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing, or KUWES, readers will get to hear about our lessons learned, our life-changing office events, candidate testimonials, and… a new person was introduced to the office!

All of our achievements this month were accompanied by lessons learned. As always, meeting with a client is very useful. We get to hear first-hand what our clients’ needs and wants are. Asking the right questions can provide recruiters valuable information when it comes to providing an employee that truly fits their organization. Our clients communicating their challenges, strategy, and industry can help us determine their needs.

We found that with candidates, part of our strategy is to have technology work for us – so that when a candidate signals they are ready and on the market – we react immediately. Especially for software engineers who are in high demand. Timing is of the essence. Highly qualified candidates are chased by recruiters on a daily basis. They are highly desired and it is in our best interest to be the first to attract them to our job opportunity before anyone else. These lessons learned are the reason for our continued success.

April 2019 was a busy month for Engenium Staffing. The demand for talent gave us an opportunity to expanded our staff! We hired a new intern, Catherine, who already has made a positive impact on our office. Expansion can be both daunting and exciting. We can say without a doubt, we are feeling more of the latter.

We expanded into another office within the UCF Business Incubator building to keep up with our companies expansion. It gives us more room to grow! We got to place a lot of candidates in their ideal jobs with amazing companies. We’re always happy to see the results of our hard work. One of our recent placements, Erik D. was hired as a Software Quality Engineer this month. Here is what he had to say about his experience with Engenium,

“During my job search most recruiters, after providing a basic outline of a position, would soon follow up with three questions: (1) are you interested in the position, (2) what was your last salary, and (3) when can you start.

I can understand to a certain extent: there are a lot of people applying for a position and the recruiter has a lot of people to assess in a short amount of time. But it leaves a candidate feeling like a commodity, a 'thing' rather than a person, and it doesn't do justice to the Client either, who relies on the recruiter's matching a candidate to their needs, not simply be a reader of resumes.

Charles was different: in addition to be professional and thorough, he was affable - and kind. When we first spoke on March 28th he was quite tough in ascertaining whether or not my skills and experience were appropriate for the Client - the interview ran ~ 80 minutes. But it was also apparent that he wanted to ensure the Client was a good fit for the Candidate (me) as well. While the same three questions were asked, *how* and *when* they were asked made for a more productive conversation.”
-Erik D.

As you can see, the beginning of the second quarter of 2019 has brought us tremendous growth. We worked hard and had fun. Next month on KUWES: Game of Drones? Our new client uses Drones to help map out power transmission grids to help improve utility infrastructure. Tune in next month to see how our video adverts are working and what May has in store!

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