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What Being a Young Professional Is In Five Gifs

Entering the job market as a young professional is somewhat of a scary yet cool experience. Here are the top five feelings all young professionals experience, as told through gifs.

  1. Unsureness
You’ve just entered the job market. You are a young, somewhat recent graduate and now people are asking you what’s the next step. You’re not sure, you only planned to graduation. You have one question, “is Microsoft Office a good enough skill to get me a job?”


  1. Dread
So you can’t sit there and do nothing. Now you have to get yourself moving and blast out about a hundred job applications. This job requires you to send in your LinkedIn while this other job requires you to fill out an application on their website. You’re thinking “how far can LinkedIn profile get me before I am redirected to another website.”


  1. Fear
So you sent in the application and it’s been about a week with no response. Fear is probably the right thing to be feeling. Maybe you should have mentioned you were captain for an intramural sports team to demonstrate leadership… You’re now wondering, “Will I ever get a response back?”


  1. Excitement
Immediately after fear, you get that first response from a potential employer. Then another. Then another. All of a sudden you’re scheduling all these interviews thinking “I’m adulting”. You’re extremely excited for your future and think “look out Mom and Dad, I’m no longer just a graduate. I’m a young professional now.”


  1. Satisfaction
You nailed the interview and scored the job. First week of work goes by and you think, “look at where this hard work got me.” You experience a feeling that makes you sink into your bed at home after work and feel happy to be productive with a goal in life. You experience an emotion that can only be described as pure satisfaction.


No matter what industry you’re in, what degree you graduated with, all young professionals experience  nervousness. But it’s ok, shake off your anxiety and work hard towards your goals! Good luck!

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