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Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing: June 2019

Last month on Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing, or KUWES, we spoke about Engenium Staffing’s experience at a conference and about our new client. This month of KUWES, readers will get to hear about how to travel overseas and get paid for it!

Summer is here and in full swing. Many people wonder how to travel and work at the same time? Engenium Staffing has been working hard to come up with a solution. Engenium’s summer solution is try to do your work and travel together! We’ve had previous experience branching out internationally and this month we have been given a truly interesting challenge to fill a position in the United Arab Emirates, a country in western Asia by the coast. You may have heard of Dubai, which is both a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The country is beautiful with a lot of tourist attractions, but also functions as a global center for international aviation and maritime. It’s no wonder there are a lot of aviation jobs over in that region. Engenium Staffing is currently looking for a military instructor pilot, who has experience with Chinook or Apache Helicopter Simulations. There are a lot of benefits to working overseas, such as an increase in income and living somewhere with dramatic growth. The challenge is finding someone willing to travel far and live in a different country for a while. Engenium Staffing is confident, however, that we will be able to overcome this challenge and fill the job.


Image courtesy of Croner-I.

This month marks the end of the second quarter which was incredibly busy and successful. To celebrate all of our hard work, the team went out for bowling and some food. The outing was fun and competition was intense as usual, but just a little one sided. Hint: one of us had the advantage of being in a bowling league prior and won all the games. A well deserved celebration after filling multiple roles and helping our clients and candidates achieve their goals. One of our candidates, Anthony S., who received an offer this month had this to say about working with Jason Irving, president of Engenium Staffing:

“I've known Jason since September 2014. He has set me up with some incredible opportunities to interview for and he has always been willing to give and receive feedback. His humility, honor and honesty makes him a strong ally in the realm of job hunting. He has never put forth a position that did not relate to my qualifications, tried to sell me on any facade, and has been forthcoming with the knowledge he has about my field. Over the years he has helped out many people I've known, and he still checks in regardless of my current situation.
Jason is among the first people I call when I go back on the market. There have been times I've been mistreated by other recruiters where Jason was there to pick me back up. For example, I was once told I landed a position somewhere, sent an offer letter and was told I would be getting an official starting date. All of this turned out to be a lie. He didn't have an opportunity for me at the time, but he was there to be empathetic to the situation. Recently he set up an interview with an incredible company. I went in and was incredibly impressed with this company, but they did not offer what I wanted. Jason was able to negotiate on my behalf and got the exact offer I was looking for.”
-Anthony S.

Click here for the full testimonial!

With summer in full swing, we can’t wait to see what the next month will bring us. Next month on KUWES, July brings us Independence Day and a new employee! Tune in next month to see how Engenium Staffing handles July.

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