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Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing: July 2019

Last month on Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing, or KUWES, we spoke about Engenium Staffing’s open position in the United Arab Emirates and our fun company outing. This month of KUWES, readers will get to hear about lessons learned from our new recruitment manager and why Orlando is such a great city to work in.

Currently, Engenium Staffing is located in Orlando, Florida. Orlando is nicknamed, “The City Beautiful” for its handsome downtown, year-round sunshine, and above all else, its loving community. It is well known outside of Florida for the famous mouse that lives in Disney, but our city is so much more than that.

Orlando is home to the largest university in the nation (Go UCF!), known for its engineering and hospitality programs. Located only an hour from Cocoa Beach and thirty minutes from Wekiva Springs, you can go from being in the city to laying on the beach or swimming in crystal clear water in no time at all. Beyond attracting people because of the sunshine, weather, and amazing city scene, Orlando has been named the number one city in the United States for job growth three years in a row, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistic. The city has been compared to Silicon Valley for its’ technology scene.

Engenium Staffing has been established here for over 5 years and we love the city. We have personally seen how it has grown to be a large and wonderful community. We have seen small businesses, such as Foxtail Coffee Co. and 4 Rivers, explode and become a well-known strongholds in the community. The city has cultivated a culture that is truly difficult to find elsewhere.

If that wowed you and Orlando seems attractive, we currently have some open positions located in the area. We like to work with companies that love Orlando as much as we do. It is companies like our clients and others that help build Orlando’s growing economy. The city currently has a job growth rate of 3.2% according to Forbes. Orlando is growing as we speak!

We have a well respected award-winning client looking for a build engineer. They have been a delight to work with as they are well known in the community, which is always amazing. The company is looking for someone with extensive experience in a support and administration position. The role requires knowledge and use of Linux and Windows. The job is in a fast-paced environment that builds complex configurations, releases pipelines, and manages automation systems. If you are an engineer with a lot of experience looking for a challenge and to work in one of the greatest cities in Florida, this is the role for you. Please apply here if interested or reach out to us through our website.

This month was very busy for Engenium Staffing. It’s been a very busy month for us and our clients. We got to hire a new person for the sales team as well as promote a long-time employee to recruitment manager. Our new recruitment manager has been at the company for three years now and has learned a lot while on the job. Here is what he has to say about the lessons he learned during his time with Engenium Staffing:

“Taking a role as a manager is a shift in time management and greater investment in the overall outcome of the companies success. It’s a higher-level approach that needs not only understanding of what the companies focus is, but how it relates to the everyone supporting you.
Having the confidence to express what’s in the best interest to the company is a critical piece as well. Everything you do is an example of how the rest of the members of your team will perform and feel confident to follow your lead. It’s a managers responsibility to communicate how their part is important and how their best work will help all of us succeed. While most managers will feel that their message will be heard with the best of intentions, it’s important to be mindful that the people looking to them will need additional explanation to understand the overall goal.”

-Charles E.

This is very exciting for us as we are expanding and figuring out new ways to grow our business even larger. If you are interested in working in simulation in Orlando, check out Engenium Staffing’s open jobs here. Orlando is a great place and we have amazing opportunities to join. We are currently looking for a technical recruiter and a payroll clerk. Engenium Staffing is a fast-paced and busy environment. We are looking for people who have a drive to learn and grow professionally. If you are interested, please send your resumes and applications to Join our team today!

Next month, we will be featuring more open positions, company updates, and more. Tune in next month to see what August will bring us.

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