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We visited IMSH 2019!

Once again, we attended the IMSH conference - this year held in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. There were some bitterly cold winds at night, however, the sun was shining and most companies expressed their opinion that the event was better attended than ever, with almost 4000 attendees!

There were a lot of new products to review and some great Keynote speakers. Of particular interest was the Lou Oberndorf plenary speech - given by Sir Ken Robinson who is well known for his views on education. He spoke about his work within education and the needs to keep children playing, as play expands the imagination. “Creativity is applied imagination” and Sir Ken urged us to keep creativity in our training. A lesson that will be reflected in our workplace.

We also got to hear from Tali Sharot, a professor of cognitive neuroscience; Joel Selanikio, recipient of multiple awards for his work in healthcare technology; and Michael Tschanz, director of technology and analysis at Walt Disney World. Each of these speakers shared their insight on how upcoming technology will benefit the future of medical simulation, education, and training.

One of the major themes was the adoption of both Augmented and virtual reality at this year's event. VR is used in many areas of healthcare which range from diagnosis, treatment, surgery, rehab, and training the next generation of healthcare practitioners. The power of AR allows the user to see important information while either training or performing without detaching themselves from the critical task at hand. There were many new products displayed by top companies in the Med Sim field. CAE revealed Lucina, a manikin that assists in training for all the stages of labor and delivery. Gaumard showcased Obstetric MR for Victoria, a Mixed Reality simulation experience. Laerdal brought many different simulators to the convention and unveiled their Peer-to-Peer Skills Development in Nursing, a new educational solution. Limbs & Things launched new simulation products such as their Male Rectal Examination Trainer. Syndaver even displayed a synthetic horse and cat models for veterinary medical testing and training. The whole event was filled with amazing new simulations which left us excited for the future of healthcare simulation.

As always, IMSH was a lot of fun! It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to experience state of the art technology. Especially technology that will improve the future of healthcare training and in turn reduce patient mortality. See you next year in San Diego!

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