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Software / Systems Engineer

With 5 years of experience as Software & Systems Engineer within defense simulation industry, you can't miss out on this Hot Candidate.

  • Software Engineer for CCTT PDSS (Close Combat Tactical Trainer Post Deployment Software Support - Abrams tanks and Humvees). Maintenance Team and Hardware Reduction Team and Developer for AVCATT (Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer). Bug tracking (Jira), config, and systems tests on Linux based system, utilizing Confluence (how-to pages), ADA (programming), and CORBA for ORB.
  • Former Systems Engineer for AN/TPY-2 (Army/Navy, transportable radar surveillance and missile defense). Image processing and discrimination testing in MATLAB to determine deviations, counts, noise filtering, etc. on Linux based system.
  • Systems Engineer as part of Apache Arrowhead Electro Optics Group for Lockheed Martin MFC. Designed LST (laser spot tracker) test station, wrote procedures for laser guided targeting systems for ground targets using MATLAB.
  • Software proficiencies include: MS Office, Windows, Linux, MATLAB, ADA, C, Git, Atlassian Tools (JIRA, Bitbucket, Bamboo), Java, etc.
  • Currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from UCF as well as an Active Secret clearance.
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