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How Staffing Firms Can Boost Your Company

Bad hires are hard to measure. The U.S. Department of Labor reported the cost of a bad hire to be at least 30% of an employee’s first-year earnings. The monetary value of a bad hire may be calculated, however, it is hard to see how a bad hire affected your employees, work progress, etc. SHRM places the cost of a new employee to be as much as $240,000, including recruitment and onboarding costs. The time and resources put into making the bad hire are wasted and now you must put in more time and resources to find a replacement. Not only can a bad hire cause you to lose money, but it can disrupt company flow and deteriorate company culture. Now those costs are immeasurable and hard to quantify in U.S. dollars. You can read more about the dangers of a bad hire here. Whether it is a bad hire causing another employee to be upset or disrupting general workflow in a company, a bad hire is sure to negatively impact your company!

On the flip side, finding the right hire can help your company rise. The right hire ensures that there is no friction in your company. Meaning every cog and wheel of your company is moving and doing its’ job with ease. Not only will all of your employees work together smoothly, but the right hire can also boost your company. Forbes found that highly engaged groups of employees can give a 21% profitability increase. Nowadays, many prospective employees are looking for mutually beneficial relationships. They hope to expand their career while helping someone else reach their goal. A creative hire may have good ideas and talents that help your company rise above the competition.


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Knowing that having the right hire helps you surpass the competition, there is no reason you shouldn’t be using a staffing firm. Staffing firms help you get ahead of the game by finding high quality candidates faster than your competition can. Similar to Tinder, a dating app, staffing firms want to swipe left on potential bad hires and provide you with only the best candidates. They are able to dive deep into the candidate pool and market to find fitting candidates, who may be passed over due to lack of information on a resume. Here is an article about how staffing firms can help not only your company but your clients as well. A staffing firm can broaden your hiring horizon and even potentially take care of administrative duties for certain hires, saving you time and resources in the process. They can dedicate the necessary hours to reach and screen candidates, even if that means working around the clock to achieve their goals. Not only that, they can lower costs by allowing your company’s HR team to focus your own employees. By using a staffing firm, you are giving yourself the advantage to beat your competitors.

Considering the benefits of a general staffing firm, you can only imagine all of the benefits of a niche staffing firm. The advantages of a specialized staffing firm includes:

  • Understanding your world. For example, Engenium Staffing understands that coding language alone is not enough to screen a software engineer.
  • Knowing the acronyms used on a daily basis in your field. For example, Engenium Staffing specializes in simulation uses acronyms such as HLA, DIS, and LVC-IA on an everyday basis.
  • Specialized staffing firms have extensive knowledge about specific industries. They know the average salaries, the marketplace, and even your clients. They understand the industry you’re in.
  • Ability to find cultural fits and test personality aptitude. For example, Engenium Staffing functions in the simulation industry meaning we are well versed in culture and can find employees that fit your culture.
  • They have an efficient and thorough screening and interview process to ensure they are putting the best candidates forward.
  • Higher probability of a successful and long hire due to the recruitment process.

Ultimately, hiring is an investment therefore it only makes sense to use staffing firm to help you make the best investment possible. Get ahead of the competition and avoid bad hires by using a staffing firm for your next hire!

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