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Challenges of Medical Simulation based SEO

There is no question in the SEO community that content is king. With Google constantly changing and adding new factors to their search engine algorithm, I’m constantly learning new ways to effectively optimize our website’s webpages. The one constant that hasn’t changed is Google’s goal to bring users the content that they are looking for. On the days that I write my blog articles, I spend a lot of time picturing myself as one of our candidates or clients. I ask myself questions such as “What interests them?”, “What are they searching for?”, “How much time do they spend reading these articles?”, and “What will bring them value?”. Many of these questions are usually answered by doing keyword research but I still face many challenges when coming up with the perfect medical simulation blog.

Keyword research tools are phenomenal. Although they provide you with a lot of information related to search trends, the most important thing these tools aren’t telling you is search intent. Search intent is what the user is actually looking for when they type out their request. When looking at keywords related to our niche, Medical Simulation, many terms have various search intent. For example, “ECG Simulator” is a keyword related to our niche. ECG Simulators are devices or scenarios that mimic a person’s vital signs. There are different ways a person could be searching for ECG Simulators. They might want to know what is an ECG Simulator or where to buy one. They could even be looking for a training assessment test to review what they’ve learned with ECG Simulators. When you type “ECG Simulator” in Google, you get the following results…

ECG Simulator Search Results

As you can see, the search results have to do with individual ECG Simulators that you can either buy or use. This may not be the intent of all users searching for this term. When I was initially searching for the term, I was looking for information or a Wikipedia page. But this makes sense, to Google, I’m not the normal searcher for this specific term. The audience searching for the term ECG Simulators are the users looking to use specific systems or devices. So, in my case, when I created the SEO based article about ECG Simulators, I decided to write about the many different ECG Simulators that are on the market in order to compete organically for the specific search term. My ECG Simulator blog post relates to searchers intent and gives valuable information along with links to specific popular ECG Simulators that the audience may be interested in. Doing additional research after finding the right relevant keywords helps overcome the challenge of search intent.

As a Digital MARKETER, I’m sure you can guess what degree I graduated with. Certainly not a Medical degree. Every day is a learning experience. Since our niche is in healthcare simulation, I am constantly learning about medical and technological terms. Making sure that I appropriately use the right terminology in my blogs and social media posts is of upmost importance. I need to do a lot of research before posting anything in order to properly represent our expertise. Fortunately, I am surrounded with many professionals who have a lot of experience using these medical and technological terms. Having this type of support system prevents me from making any big mistakes when it comes to writing my blogs.

Digital marketing for a medical simulation niche business is challenging. Digital Marketing for a staffing firm that has a niche in medical and healthcare simulation is even more challenging. I am constantly competing against Job Boards, recruiters, temp agencies, and other staffing firms. Websites such as Monster, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Careerbuilder take up most of search engine results. These websites rule result space due to googles understanding of user intent and the amount of relevant information that is embedded in these webpages meta data. Attracting relevant candidates to our website organically can seem impossible. With a little bit of creativity and research, I can create relevant content for our intended audience. Job descriptions, interview tips, career specific interview expectations are all things that our audience is looking for along with new jobs. The best solution for competition is creativity. Thinking outside the box can still attract the same audience and bring equal or additional value to them.

As I mentioned before, every day is a learning experience as a Digital Marketer. For example, today I learned that google confirms there was an algorithm update that occurred last week. Minor changes are constantly happening which can cause fluctuations in organic search results. Google makes nearly 2,000 search engine changes each year and processes over 60,000 search queries every second. With so many people constantly searching on the internet, my goal as a digital marketer and SEO specialist is to bring value relevant to our audience; whether it’s through an informative blog post or a new job listing that can change their life for the better.

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