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Best Job Boards to Market Yourself In 2019

With technology, you can now connect with friends, families, and even employers from all around the world. With apps and the internet, anyone can post a job or apply for a job anywhere at anytime. However, this doesn’t mean that using online platforms guarantees that you’re hired. Many candidates find job boards to be difficult to navigate. You apply for many jobs, yet never really hear back. With the over-saturation of jobs on different websites, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the different job boards that exist. You want to be visible on as many high-traffic and niche job boards as possible. Engenium Staffing Inc. have tested and used a variety of different job boards. We spent the time to understand a variety of different platforms and the effectiveness of each site’s search engine. Providing as much info as possible and use of keywords in your resume is critical to be found by employers.


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Trying new things for Recruitment Marketing

As the year comes closer to the end, we found the job market heating up and candidates were in high demand. It was time for a shift in focus. Instead of jumping back into our usual routine, we wanted to form a creative approach to recruitment. As an adaptive company, we wanted to implement new ways to find candidates. As the digital marketer, I figured it was time to expand our reach. Business is booming but we weren’t reaching our full potential. In order to reach our ideal size, we set daily and weekly goals to help shape our future routine. The challenge we faced was how we were going to reach these goals.
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