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Degrees Are Good, But So Are Social Skills

We all know the importance of a degree. Degrees may suggest that you have the necessary skills or knowledge to perform a job, but they do not guarantee you would be a good employee or fit for the company. Strong communication in the workplace ensures synergy and improved business results. Employers want to know if a potential employee is going to work well with the team or if that person is going to disrupt company flow. For example, software engineers and other similar professions need interpersonal skills almost as much as they need the right coding skills.

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Building your brand as a software engineer

Forbes listed software engineers as the job with the most significant hiring growth in 2019. With development of new technology and the ever growing need for it in modern society, there has been a huge wave of over 80,000 job openings. With that being said, I find that software engineers often do not get the recognition they deserve. According to a Medium article, software engineers find their current position difficult due to companies not giving them recognition for heavy work hours and completed projects. If you are reading this, we are assuming that you are an eager and talented software engineer looking for a long term career with advancement, high pay, and company acknowledgement. As a professional staffing firm, we noticed how important it is for software engineers to build their personal brand and differentiate themselves. A strong brand is the best way to get hired in today's job market.

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