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New Simulations from IMSH 2018

IMSH 2018 was held in Los Angeles earlier this year and had an amazing turnout. More than 3000 attendees from around the world were registered to attend. Medical Simulation Companies such as Laerdal, Gaumard, and Limbs & Things took advantage of the conference to show off some amazing new technology! Here are some of the most exciting innovations that we saw at IMSH.

Laerdal - Premature Anne

Touching Laerdal’s Premature Anne was astonishing. The life like skin on this newborn baby added to the immersive experience of this medical simulation.

Premature Anne is designed to give healthcare providers the right experience for when complications arise. The first 10 minutes of a premature birth is critical to the baby’s survival. Premature Anne Task Trainer is designed to strengthen skills in:

• Airway management techniques
• Delivering compressions
• Vascular access (umbilicus)
• Practice placement in dry pre-ported IV sites

Gaumard - HAL S2225

One of our biggest highlights of IMSH 2018 was seeing Gaumard’s HAL S2225. Recognized as the worlds most advanced pediatric human simulator, HAL is equipped with technology to simulate facial expressions such as anxiety, anger, and pain. Pediatric HAL allows participants to practice on site using real equipment and accurate techniques for emergency procedures such as:
• surgical airway
• needle decompression
• chest tube thoracostomy

Simulated Surgical System - RoSS Lite

We found Simulated Surgical Systems new affordable and portable simulator very exciting.

Robotic Surgery Simulator Lite is a tool aimed at providing affordable training to all medical students and health care professionals. RoSS Lite will help students become better prepared for residency and in the operating room. It will be equipped with the standard Simulation curriculum available on the full-size RoSS simulator. The curriculum introduces the fundamentals of robot-assisted surgery all in 3D.

In an attempt to make RoSS lite as part of general curriculum, the simulaition is made to be portable. The portable case includes a computer with the simulation software already installed, two Touch Haptic Devices by 3D Systems, and a pedal set.

Limbs & Things - Paracentesis Trainer

We’ve always been a fan of Limbs & Things simulators, and their new paracentesis trainer was awesome!

Limbs & Things introduced The Paracentesis Trainer. The Trainer fulfills the fundamental component of core medical training in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of Paracentesis. It can be used for either palpation or ultrasound guided techniques. Paracentesis is a form of body fluid sampling procedure where a needle is used to puncture the peritoneal cavity.

CAE - LucinaAR

We’ve seen lots of different augmented reality simulations, but nothing as awesome as CAE’s LucinaAR.

CAE LucinaAR is a breakthrough in healthcare simulation, the world’s first patient simulator using stunning anatomical holograms. This birthing simulator allows you to see inside the mother as the fetus travels through the birthing canal. Learners witness how actions can impact mother-baby safety.

3D Systems -
SPINE Mentor

Having had a lumbar procedure myself, I understand the need for a confident steady hand. 3D systems’ simulator aims boost confidence with performing such procedures.

SPINE Mentor 3D Systems is a hands-on simulation training experience for neurosurgeons and anesthesiologists to train for minimally invasive spine surgeries and procedures. The simulator combines a 3D printed spine, medical instruments, and virtually simulated images to create a platform that will add spinal surgery training to the company’s portfolio. It is an upgrade compared to cadavers, and is designed to be more accurate representation of different spinal procedures such as placing wires, catheters, and lumbar punctures.

3D Systems - LAP Mentor

There’s no place like a real operating room, but LAP Mentor gets really close.

The Virtual Operating room provides the most realistic operating room experience. It teaches trainees how to properly perform within a stressful and distracting environment. The new concept for laparoscopic training fully immerses the trainees in an operating room filled with a virtual team, a patient, and noisy equipment.


We were surprised with how accurate the finite details were with the anatomy in the 3D environment VidedixAR simulator provided.

VimedixAR delivers an unprecedented augmented reality simulation-based training experience.
Students will be able to move freely within a clinical training environment to examine 3D anatomy inside the body of a Vimedix manikin. Learners will be able to examine and practice scanning hearts, lungs, and abdomens with an ultrasound beam to generate an image.

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