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What is an ECG Simulator?

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test which measures the electrical activity of your heart. A healthy heart has an orderly progression to how it beats. This pattern can be traced and recognized by an ECG to show whether or not it is working normally. The overall goal of the device is to gather information about the status and structure of the heart.

An ECG Simulator is a platform which mimics patient vital signs. There are many different kinds of ECG Simulators. Some are compact and portable, while others include a full manikin.

Skillstat has a free online simulator which generates 27 of the most common cardiac rhythms. The serious game is very simple - you are given a heart rate example and you pick which diagnosis it correlates to. Before testing your knowledge, you can spend time reading about each rhythm and see examples of them.

D.A.R.T ECG Sim software allows you to “practice capnography, defibrillation, 12 LEAD, synchronized cardioversion, X-Rays, transcutaneous pacing, and much more right from your computer”. You can use the simulator software on your computer or even your iPad, and it is perfect for replacing heavy defibrillators. There are settings and features that mimic working with a pace maker or defibrillator to treat many different scenarios.

Netech is known for creating advanced biomedical test instruments like their MiniSim 2000 line. The ECG Arrhythmia Simulator is a compact, powerful simulator designed for testing the performance of ECG monitors. It provides full 12 lead ECG simulation with 14 selectable rates from 30 to 350 BPM. The MiniSim also simulates 45 different arrhythmias including ST elevation/depression, blocks, ventricular, and pacer waveforms. It is easy to use, with a large LCD display, and a tactile keypad.

EasySim Arrhythmia Simulator is known for its portability. The whole simulator fits in the palm of your hand, is lightweight, and has 48 direct-access keys in an easy to use format. The 20-foot remote cord is perfect for educators to be able to stand close by and direct the simulation. You can create critical scenarios by mixing and matching various rhythms easily. There is no need to memorize codes since premade scenarios are right on the controller.

Life/form Deluxe CRiSis Manikin with ECG Simulator is a full body manikin that is designed to teach any level of emergency medical technician. The simulator allows for practice of CPR, IV insertion, ECG monitoring, and more. It has many ACLS training capabilities to make the simulation more realistic. You can use a defibrillator with the simulator to show adult or pediatric cardiac rhythms. Life/form Deluxe CRiSis has areas where you can perform proper defibrillation on the manikin, giving it a nice shock.

Although, ECG Simulators come in many different styles, the learning opportunity stays the same. Your immersive experience can vary depending on the simulator you use. The Full body simulator is certainly going to feel more immersive compared to an online program. But the online program may give more options to learn different cardiac rhythms in an easy accessible way. Each Simulator has its pros and cons; and choosing which simulation may be best for learning could come down to a number of different factors. If you are looking to learn how to read and understand a patient’s vital signs – Any one of these simulators could work for you.

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