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10 Jokes All Recruiters Can Laugh At

Employment is at an all-time high and 2019 has been a good year so far for recruiters! However, people never talk about the real struggles recruiters go through. They don’t talk about all of the extra hours recruiters put into helping people get a job. Recruiters are some of the hardest working people and they deserve a laugh. To the recruiters out there, here is a list of jokes that are bound to make you laugh and feel seen!

  1. The truth about working in recruitment.
When you started recruitment, you were under the impression that it was a “9-5 job”. You now know that if a candidate needs to talk to you on a Sunday at 11 am about preparing for an interview they got, that’s your Sunday now. You wonder “Do those hours also go on the timesheet?”

  1. What it’s like working with picky clients.
You’ve presented them with 10 qualified candidates and every time they find something wrong with them. You’re beginning to think they want a candidate that doesn’t actually exist.

  1. When sourcing makes you feel like a computer genius.
Getting a new job from a client is exciting. You immediately jump on LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, and start leaving voicemails and emails left and right. You feel like a computer support character for a superhero.

  1. How it feels to navigate through the vast wasteland that are job boards.
Clients seem to think that LinkedIn provides you a list of qualified candidates as soon as you open the webpage.

  1. The stubborn candidate who insists on being unmotivated.
When you first called them, they were enthusiastic about a “new opportunity”. All of a sudden, they’re pushing back and giving trouble like they don’t even want the job.

  1. The candidate that is less forthcoming with information.
Some candidates make you wonder if they’re a professional adult or a child.

  1. Working with candidates sometimes feels like working with children.
You often think “Help me help you” when speaking to candidates.

  1. You always hope for the best with the candidates you send for interviews.
You’ve prepared them the best that you can. From what time to get there to what to wear and what to say. All you can do now is to send them and hope for the best.

  1. What it’s like after your candidate has received an offer.
You feel like a mom checking in on your candidate after they’ve got the offer. “How was your first day of work? Did you enjoy it? Are you settling in ok?”

  1. Not many recruiters work from home, but when they do it goes as well as this.
You thought taking work home would be great. You’d feel more motivated to accomplish things from a place of comfort. However, you do miss your coworkers and the work atmosphere. Working from home may be just a bit too comforting.

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