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Top Job Search Tips From Engenium Staffing

Looking for a new job is difficult.The job market is ruthless, filled with countless others competing for hundreds of positions that all seem the same. It’s difficult to know where to start. Do you go to LinkedIn or look in person? It always seems to make you hyper aware of your skills and shortcomings as you send what feels like a thousand resumes to jobs that never respond. As a staffing company, Engenium Staffing understands that conducting a job search is hard. We have talked to numerous candidates who are looking to progress  their career and helped them achieve their goals. We have also talked to employers looking to fill difficult roles and understand what they want in employees. Therefore, here are our top tips when conducting a job search to make your career move a little easier.


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  1. Check with your network.
It’s not about what you know, but who you know. Job hunting doesn’t have to be a solo effort. Check in with your friends, families, acquaintances, or even recruiters you’ve been in contact with in the past. Everyone has a different network and you would be surprised how other people can help you achieve your goals. For one, you’d be able to talk to them and become aware of all the different types of jobs that are available. It’s a great way to learn more about a company and job opportunities that may not be publicly displayed. Having a trusted connection recommend you to a job can give you an advantage in the hiring process.  These are people you know personally who can help you look for a job.

  1. Utilize job boards to your advantage.
There are hundreds of job boards out there: LinkedIn, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, and so many others. All of which are free to you, the job seeker, to use. Not using job boards during a job search these days is like trying to work with both hands tied behind your back. To get the best results possible out of every job board, you want to passively and actively utilize them.
To passively search for a new position, be sure to post an updated resume to every job board you are using. Most job boards will notify relevant employers of new/updated talent. After updating your resume or adding it to a new platform, you should start receiving emails from hiring managers interested in interviewing you.
Actively searching for a job involves using a search engine and plugging in keywords in order to find a desired position. Some platforms will recommend relevant roles. Depending on your situation you may want to adopt a sort of “spray and pray” method if you will. The worst result you can get is no answer, meaning there is no reason you shouldn’t send your resume to all of the relevant job openings available. Keep in mind to take your time on every application because rushing can make it look unattractive. 
We recommend that you make sure your profile and resume is up to date and accurate. We have come across candidates who qualify for jobs, yet haven’t updated their resume since 2012. Hint: put “actively seeking” or “looking for” in your profile. Many recruiters or hiring managers go straight to profiles with that displayed as it shows you are an active candidate. Our resident digital marketers says, “Make sure to create as many job board profiles as possible. In order to best market yourself, you need to be on every major platform”.

  1. Formulate a plan for your search.
Formulating or strategizing a plan for your job search helps you break things down into steps and makes looking for a job less intimidating. Whenever you’re faced with a big challenge, break it down into steps. It helps you see the bigger picture while keeping you focused on each individual task. Having a plan pushes you to start moving. You can start by making a profile on job boards and applying for open positions. Creating a plan helps you establish small goals that helps move you along and feel accomplished. Looking for a job can be difficult and at times bleek. Completing small goals helps you push forward and continue to face the challenge of searching for a job.

  1. Think outside of the box to contact employers.
It’s difficult when you’ve sent resumes to several companies and have yet to hear back from one. Often, job openings on job boards may not be active. Don’t let this discourage you! Think outside of the box when searching for a job. Some companies have their hiring manager’s contact information online. Don’t be afraid to call or email them. Not only will it make you stand out as a candidate for being forward thinking and eager, but it will help you make connections with people who currently work at the company. Adding a face or voice to an application can give you an advantage. Creativity can lead to unexpected successes. If you send your resume and information to the hiring manager, you are likely one of a small pool of candidates who reached out to them. It’s different than applying for an opening on a job board where hundreds of faceless others have applied for the same job. One of our recruiters advises “Go to meetups or conferences that deal specifically with your industry. It may open the pathway to you meeting a hiring manager”.

  1. Your job when you don’t have a job is to search for a job.
When looking for a job, don’t be difficult. You are putting yourself out there in hopes that an employer will hire you. However, they don’t want to hire people who are going to be fussy, inflexible, or hard to reach. You have to remember to be accommodating. Employers are looking for employees who are genuinely interested in going through the hiring process. A lack of response or refusal to complete certain tasks may disqualify you immediately. You’re searching for a job and asking for an opportunity. This is not to say that you can’t negotiate salary and benefits when speaking to a hiring manager, but rather you can’t respond to an email or call five days later and expect them to still want to give you a chance. Know your value as a prospective employee, but be flexible and responsive. If you receive an interview opportunity that requires you to travel, do not request that you get a five star hotel. It’s ok to step out of your comfort zone. For example, if you don’t have amazing wifi at home for a skype interview, think outside of the box and go to an internet cafe or Starbucks. Just remember that you are asking the company for an opportunity. Hint: Flexibility and good response time can demonstrate how you will function as an employee in that company if given the job.

  1. Be physically proactive when job searching.
Sometimes when job boards haven’t led to much, it’s a good idea to just physically show up to the company. It also depends on your industry. If you are wanting to be hired as an accountant or other administrative function, if you physically show up, you may get the run around or be told to apply online. However, if you’re a sales person or digital marketer, physically showing up may help. We previously mentioned how creativity and thinking outside the box can help you get the job. Recently a guy went viral for pretending to be a postmates delivery person and delivering a box of donuts with his resume to a company. You can read more of that story here. Sometimes, physically showing up and making a good first impression can lead to an opportunity.


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Searching for a job can be intimidating and at times exhausting. You don’t necessarily have to do it alone as mentioned previously. Our president, Jason Irving, advises, “Use a recruiter. They are your agent. They are often the mediator between the client and you. They are on your side and have your best interest in mind”. We hope that the tips we provided help you on your current or next job search. If you have other tips or feedback, feel free to email us at

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